Developer's News

Last Updated: November 11, 2009

DriveShare has been released! And there's already a 1.0.2 update on the platform beta pages.

Sun sent us a T2000 to try.

ServerWatch has released a new review of ConferenceRoom.

ConferenceRoom 2.1 is now ready for release.

Your Linux kernel may need some tuning to run ConferenceRoom best.

Want to learn about Scribe? Want to learn how to create interactive, dynamic web pages using ConferenceRoom's included web server?

For information on installing, upgrading, and managing UNIX versions of ConferenceRoom, see this page.

For the current status of all of ConferenceRoom's platforms, check out this page.

ConferenceRoom's integrated web server now supports user name / password authentication - Info. The Enterprise Edition supports even more advanced authentication - Info.

ConferenceRoom 1.7 and later support some channel browsing.

A tool to allow some automation of server configuration changes is now available for WIN32. Similar tools for other platforms are available upon request.

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