Beta builds, early releases, and support files:

This is not the place to find supported versions of ConferenceRoom or DriveShare. Supported releases are on the product pages.

This is the place to find beta releases and support files before they are officially released. Bugfixes, new platforms, and experimental enhancements are frequently made available through this page for testing.

Check the latest developer's announcements often.
Check out this picture of part of our nerve center (which is way out of date since we use IBM BladeCenters now).

Customers should not use these updates and patches unless specifically told to do so by support personnel. The stability of these releases cannot be guaranteed. Use of executables on this site with builds other than the most current release is not advised.

Miscellaneous Files
Not platform specific

2003, XP, Vista, and Windows 7

Linux 2.6+ x86

FreeBSD 4.x+

Apple OSX x86

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